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This is why we use American Apparel

Posted by Torry Smith on

In case you haven't noticed we place a huge emphasis on products made in the USA. Subtle T's tries to support local businesses and when that is not possible we at least keep it in the USA. To us it is worth paying a little bit more so that we support our fellow Americans. American Apparel is the primary company that we use for our t-shirts because they are quality shirts that are made in the US. Here is some information from the American Apparel website: 

All American Apparel factories are located in downtown LA, and are Sweatshop-Free, meaning our workers earn fair wages and have access to affordable healthcare. Unlike other companies who have gone offshore in an unyielding pursuit of low wage subcontracting, we insist on knowing the faces of our workers.

American Apparel garment workers are the backbone of our operation, so we treat our people well. We believe that better manufacturing practices begin with the basics: fair wages, low-cost health benefits, weekly massages, subsidized lunches and transportation as well as an on-site medical clinic. Our average garment worker earns $12 dollars an hour, with some wages reaching $22 dollars an hour for highly skilled sewers—some of the highest wages for clothing-manufacturing employees in the world. For us, higher pay means stronger employee morale, optimized productivity and efficiency, a better and more consistent quality of work and ultimately, a happier employee who wants to stay and grow with the company.

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