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Posted by Torry Smith on

We have been patiently (sort of) waiting for Gildan to figure out what their plans are for American Apparel. Our store used to use American Apparel shirts because they were made in the USA, they were comfortable, high quality, and had a huge assortment of colors. American Apparel shirts are getting harder and harder to get so until they start production in the US again then we will be printing our shirts on 2 different brands. Using products that are made in the US is very important to us so we will be using LA Apparel, which are made in the US and very comparable to American Apparel shirts. LA Apparel has limited colors and styles right now, but the shirts that they do have available are top notch. The other company that we will use is Bella Canvas. We chose Bella + Canvas shirts because they are soft and have a good fit. Bella + Canvas makes millions of their shirts in the US each year. Bella + Canvas does not use sweatshops, uses solar power, and are an environmentally conscious company. 

We will specify in the description which brand your shirt will be printed on. If you have a preference then let us know and we can print your shirt on either brand. As always, all of our shirts are customizable and we love special orders.

Making this transition happen will take some time. If there is a design that you want and it is not visible in our store then contact us and we'll make it happen.



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