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About us

Who are we? Subtle awesomeness bundled into a t-shaped cottony wonder

What do we do? Hopefully follow in the footsteps of my pirate ancestors and take your money.

Is it true that we are the best t-shirt company that you’ve never heard of? Yes!

We are Tor & Cloud, a husband and wife team that got tired of simply dreaming about owning a business. Although this is a new business we take nothing more seriously than good customer service and quality shirts, we hope to accomplish both.

Tor's passion is making people laugh with funny and often vulgar outbursts. Tor checked with Siri and she agreed that there is no better place for distasteful humor than on t-shirts. Cloud was raised by hippie parents so she is not used to wearing clothes. Cloud is excited about finally getting to try on a t-shirt and hopes that you’ll join her in being a Subtle T supporter.

Whether you are a 15 year-old skater punk that hates the world or a Wall Street tycoon that has a secret room in your mansion with 48 cats, owning one of our shirts is scientifically proven to make you 42.6% smarter, cooler, and sexier.  

Hopefully through our shirts, you get to know us a little better.  Enough about us—let’s talk about you. Are you afraid of spiders? Do you love dark chocolate? Can we be BFF’s? Please read our blogs and don’t hesitate to stalk us on Facebook. Most importantly buy some shirts.

Subtle T Facts:

  1. We were founded in 2016.
  2. We are Veteran owned & operated.
  3. We support Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS (contact us about discounts).
  4. We like working with schools & sports teams (contact us about discounts).
  5. The quality of our product is the most important component of our business. We could use cheaper t-shirts, lower quality printing machinery, and less ink/cheaper ink to save money, but this is not how we do business.
  6. Our products are designed and printed in the USA.
  7. Some people may find the material on some of our shirts offensive. Everyone has a different sense of humor and a different sense of style. If our products offend you then don’t buy them.
  8. We are always looking to improve and welcome your feedback.